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Jeanne Mallow represents the third generation of the remarkable string playing Fuchs family.

She is a worthy successor to this tradition, playing with dusky aristocratic tone, exacting intonation, and a kind of conversational musicality that seems second nature.

She employs generous portamento and rubato, but nothing is forced or mannered.

Ms. Mallow found a quirky sentimentality in her grandmother's pieces that would have eluded most other artists.

The New York Times
January 9, 1996


She is patently gifted, and played with commandingly authoritative and natural musicality, and the virtuosic flair, vibrant rhythmic energy, and keen golden tone of a born performer.

The Strad
May 1995


Like her illustrious grandmother, Mallow is an avid arranger in the hallowed tradition (a tradition that goes all the way back to Lionel Tertis.)

Mallow is a superbly accomplished instrumentalist (one rarely hears playing so unfailingly in tune) and her musicianship is naturalness itself.

The Strad
September 1997


Ms. Mallow’s tone had an earthiness, a resonance and a depth that comes from a core of artistic conviction. It is this kind of genuine warmth that has deservedly gained for so many string players in the Fuchs family such recognition. The consistency of her tone was striking, as was the clarity of her articulation over the whole range. Jeanne Mallow is a heart-felt performer, her ideas never sounding at all calculated.

Roberta on the Arts
March 2006